LP3, summer tours, etc.

Hey all, 

Wanted to brief you on the next few months for us. 

First, let’s talk about the last few months. We’ve had a few weeks off from touring and we’ve been using it to write, learn, and tune-up a large chunk of the songs that’ll make up our 3rd record. We’ve got about 13 so far and we’re continuing to add to that. This time around, our friend Tom Gabel has been helping out with the process and we couldn’t be happier with what we have so far. We became good friends back in the winter when we toured with his band Against Me! and we realized he’d be a great fit to fill the Producer role. 

The four of us will be recording the record throughout September and October and we plan to have it out early next year. We’re still not certain who we’ll be working with as far as labels go but we should have all of that figured out pretty soon here and we’ll let you know. 

Before we record, however, we have quite a few shows lined up. First up we have the east coast tour with Bomb The Music Industry which begins on June 25th. Shortly after we return from that, we’ll be headed on a fairly extensive European run with Lemuria. All of the dates for those shows can be found on the ‘SHOWS’ portion of this site of ours. 

Thanks to everyone who has been to one of the shows lately; they’ve been a really good time for us and we’re looking forward to all of the ones coming up here. 


Ian Graham / CG Worldwide 

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